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Here begins a very exciting journey......
A maternity shoot is the perfect way to create lasting memories of this very special time in your life.
Your pregnancy session is best booked at the latest date possible - obviously without leaving it too late! - We need a more prominent bump for these photographs and this third tri-mester should be when you're feeling at your most radiant. 34+ weeks is recommended. Partners and/or siblings can also be involved in your shoot.
Newborn shoots simply can't be rushed. Having a young child myself means that this stage is still very fresh in my memory. I know that when they are tiny babies they can often be pretty unpredictable and  there is no routine as such. My newborn and maternity sessions are both done in the comfort of your own home, that way  everything is to hand and you and your baby are in familiar surroundings.  I come armed with backdrops, comfortable fluffy throws, a snuggly bean bag and some props but you are also more than welcome to provide your own too. I aim to use natural light wherever possible as this is more flattering for you both and less obtrusive for a newborn. 
This is a moment in time you will never be able to get back and to make the  most of this moment the optimum age for this shoot is birth up until a maximum of 6 weeks, this is when you newborn will be at their most curly and sleepy.I find mid morning a good time to book in a shoot as this then usually results in some shots of your baby awake and also allows time to incorporate a feed/change or extra cuddles in order to try and get your little one off to sleep so we can try for some of those gorgeous dreamy shots.